How to plan a screening

  • Firstly, you have to select a venue and date for the screening somewhere either in your neighborhood or Community.
  • Secondly, get viewing materials. Depending on the targeted number of audience, either a screen projector-for a larger audience or a television/ computer-for a smaller audience.
  • After a venue and date has been selected, please reach out to any of our officials at the cinema for peace foundation requesting for a CD of the movie as well as as a talk guide and the planned date of screening. This is to enable the early shipment of the screening kit as it takes more than 30 working days to deliver from Germany to south Africa.
  • For the day of the screening, it is important to get panel members. Make sure that the people you invite to be panel members are passionate about HIV/AIDS sensitization. In this case, i would advise that you get an experienced community health care giver or a counsellor in cases of screenings in a school. The discussion after the screening of the movie is to facilitate small group talks where people can share their problems and get help as well.

Contact us here for a screening: